James S (Little James)

“James has been riding road bikes since the beginning of 2012, transitioning from running once he had seen the light of a much more enjoyable and beneficial way of exercising. Currently racing for Orwell Velo in the Eastern Road Race League aiming for 2nd category status, James has a wealth of riding experience both domestic and abroad with cycling ┬átrips to Wales, Lake District, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy as-well as being captain of Oxford Brookes University Road Cycling Club and a soigneur for KTM Road and Trail at the Tour de Gironde UCI 2.2 stage race in France in 2014. With a keen passion for coaching, sports nutrition and the latest technology, James brings a nice youthful edge to the team alongside an undergraduate University degree in Sports and exercise Science.”

James F

” James is a bike fitter extraordinaire and is one of the best in the country. He has been riding bikes since the earth was flat and his head is so full of knowledge that it might pop if you don’t ask him enough questions. He rides his Road bike for the enjoyment and loves squeezing every watt out of the pedals and then analyzing it later. If you need some high end info or want to know the benefits of new tech or just a way to get to the next level, his decades of experience means he’s your man.”


“Graham is one of the fittest amongst us and has legs of steel; previous 6 time national TT Champion, multi-time TTT National Champion and one of the fastest cyclist in Essex in his day. He has learned all of his knowledge from experiencing it and will give you honest opinions on what woks best. Now enjoying competing on the track at Lee Valley and still learning more about the ever developing sport of cycling. Just don’t go on a ride with him, you wouldn’t see him for long”

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