Bike Demo Centre

Buying a new bike can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes our extensive range, expert advice and friendly service just isn’t enough to make a purchase with complete confidence. We understand that.


With this in mind, we have a range of demo bikes available and insider details of our key bike partners’ demo days. We want you to try out new things, maybe even the new e-bikes, and get a real world comparison between models. You’ll get to ride in great locations at some of the UK’s hottest riding spots. You might even feel a bit like a bike journalist as you compare ride feel, geometry and specifications. This way, you can ride yourself towards making the perfect choice!


Chat to us in-store, over the phone, or via email and we’ll help you with demo bike availability and finding you your next demo day.

Drop Bar Experience


We sell more than just bikes, we offer a cycling experience. We love cycling & we want you to love it too. At Cycle Evolution, we believe we can offer the best service in the area to achieve this. From using our extensive experience we will get you on the most suitable bike for your needs – not only making sure it’s the correct size , but looking at the finer details of geometry across all road bike brands to find what works, this is a vital factor in size, comfort & handling we feel is massively overlooked by most bike shops.


On top of this, we also offer discounted access to our cutting-edge 3D Motion Capture Retül bike fitting service to fine tune your ride experience. If there are any additional components we suggest what you would need, we have an incredibly extensive supplier range to get hold of suitable parts and fit them with precise attention to detail like we would on our own bikes. We will have everything required to get you on your bike with nothing left to chance which means you can enjoy your riding to the maximum, the way it should be.

Trek Project One

Here at Cycle Evolution, we love Trek. It just so happens that Trek offer something more, beyond everyone else – Project One. The reality of Project One is this: forget custom builds, have a custom bike.


First up, choose your model. From the sensationally fast Madone race machine to the devilishly fun Fuel Ex trail rig. Then, choose your styling. I mean your styling. There are thousands of combinations, so own it and make it yours. Your design will be brought to life by the industry’s best frame designers, at Trek HQ. Finally, specify every component. Even choose your brake cable colour. No more swapping out parts when you get your new bike, perfection straight out of the box.     


Your Project One bike can be as individual as you. See us in store to seek our guidance and to get lost in the dream of crafting your own, unique bike.