Road Bike Selection

Road bikes are a rapidly developing, with new technologies almost everywhere and every year, from Specialized’s new Future Shock system to Trek’s innovative front & rear Isospeed.  We have one of the best collections of road bikes in the area, offering a diverse range of possibilities for all types of road riding. For a long adventurous century ride or a flat-out circuit race. We also cater for triathletes, time-triallists and Cyclo-cross racers, with a huge variation to suit every style of two wheel torture.


Breaking the boundaries with their aero road bikes and lightweight climbing machines, Cervelo continue to push with groundbreaking technology: from time in the wind tunnel, delicate carbon layups which ensure you get the most from your bike and some of the best after service available. Cervelo cater for you, no matter how you ride.


Specialized are the third biggest bike manufacturer in the world; you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of them. Their big presence in the road and mountain bike riding pro scene means all of their models have seen over a million miles of race testing and feedback. Couple this with the finest warranty and the super plush S-works custom range and you have a brand where none of their products have the capacity to disappoint you.


This is what the Germans are known for, their fantastic engineering. Focus are a brand honed on giving the consumer the high end, super top spec package that hardly any other brand on the market can out do. We hold big stock of their cross range because they are a brand straight out of Europe, the home and heartland of CycloCross. Also playing host to their super high-end Izalco Max builds for all your Super light road needs.


Giant is the biggest bike manufacturer in the world and it isn’t just a boast. If you want frame quality, high specification, exceptional design finish, unrivalled fit, precise handling and sublime ride quality, then a Giant bicycle is for you. They are not the biggest because they shout about it. They are the biggest because, from the very start, innovation and manufacturing set Giant apart.

Mountain Bike Selection

Our Mountain bike selection offers a huge variety of different suspension designs, geometries and wheel sizes because we believe that there is no right or wrong, just the right bike for the right rider. With the increase in popularity of 29″ wheels and now the 27.5 Plus trend, there are suddenly a lot more choices and options available. This also extends to the flourishing market of e-Bikes and including full suspension options. They pretty much do the uphill bits for you and back off when you need to take control. Faster and more fun!


Whyte bikes are British designed brand that excel in their diverse off road range. Whether your up for taking a bike in both grips and getting a massive rush from railing the biggest burms, or if your happy to get some super fitness and improve your technical riding. Whyte are a brand that we believe can help you achieve!


Trek. A brand that prides themselves on ultimate customer service and cutting edge design. Never have we dealt with a company so dedicated to making the customer the ultimate priority. We stock a well thought out selection of their finery, including the top end, unparalleled Madone Aero bike with the comfort of the brilliant IsoSpeed Decoupler. Whether it’s down to after service or designing stunning quality bikes. Trek never fails to impress, and we like that.


Cube is one of our best selling brands. Most of the models we stock are all assembled in Germany and are quality checked to the highest order. Cube are not ones for compromise, always giving the customer the best level of specification possible while keeping the ride and frame design incredible. Driving the way in the e-bike market with fantastic full suspension bikes on offer. We rate them, and you should too.

Santa Cruz

Known for creating class leading full-suspension behemoths, Santa Cruz are a brand we truly admire. The terrain around Essex rarely calls for such outstanding bikes, but if you plan to be throwing yourself and your bike down the side of a mountain, then Santa Cruz and Cycle Evolution can find the steed suited to your needs!

Custom Builds

Darren S 5 (2)

We have done our fair share of custom builds here at Cycle-Evolution, be it Road, XC race, Enduro, Cyclocross, Time Trial or Triathlon. We also do Trek’s Project One customisation programme for a truly unique custom build! With our expertise and riding experience, we will build your dream bike to fit you, your dream specification and personal touches. The perfect mile muncher or race bike with us is never far away. Never be left wanting more and never be left with something that’s the same as someone else!

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